College Admissions Essay

The college admissions process can be a very stressful and difficult time. Students are trying to balance the demands of senior year with the lengthy requirements of college applications.

Do not let the stress of applications be your memory of senior year! Write On is here to help.

Our College Admissions Essay services allow you to have more engaging and effective essays while maintaining your voice as a future college attendee.

Our package works like this:

  • An initial essay revision
  • 30 minutes consulting for feedback to you, the client (via phone, detailed email correspondence, Skype, or in-person)
  • A second revision check after changes are made
  • Price: US $ 100 // NT $ 2900

Additional Add-ons:

  • Essay brainstorming and start-up consulting for those who are unsure where to begin (Price: US $ 100 // NT $ 2900)
  • Additional essay revisions, without detailed feedback (Price: US $ 40 // NT $ 1200)
  • Additional essay revisions, with detailed feedback (Price: US $75 // NT $ 2300)

Just need an essay revision without any detailed feedback and not looking for the whole package?

No problem! Price: US $40 // NT $ 1200


Our team works to fit your needs. We understand that each student will most likely be working on several application essays. Contact us with some more details about your overall goals, and we will do our best to customize our prices for your needs! Let us help you achieve your collegiate dreams!