Composition // Essay

The task of writing for many is considered dull, tedious, even hair-pulling. Most of the time, pumping out the written product is the goal. After that, the thought of revision can be…well let’s just say, pencil breaking.

Here at Write On, we aim to take that burden off of you so that you may have time for that coffee break you’ve been daydreaming of. However, we recognize that your composition pieces continue to be just as important to you even after the writing stops, a matter we here at Write On don’t take lightly. With our team, you can feel at ease that our editors are working to polish your composition to its fullest potential.

We check spelling, grammar, punctuation, coordination of ideas, clarity, voice, tone, message, effectiveness, and diction. Write On, Write Strong!

Each composition is unique and Write On recognizes this. As for price, we suggest you contact us with details of your composition so that we can provide you with a more competitive rate.

General Pricing:

  • Per word, revision with no additional detailed feedback: US $0.07 // NT $3
  • Per word, revision with additional detailed feedback: US $0.07 + flat fee $20 // NT $3 + flat fee NT $600

For lengthy compositions, pricing rates will be set accordingly to help lower the cost of your services! Please contact us for more information.