About Write On

Write On is an editing service that seeks to provide quality writing results that meet the purpose of your projects. At Write On, we aim to ensure that each project is handled with care and deliberation. Other editing service providers only go through your compositions or projects with “the red pen.” Our team knows how much thought and hard work you have put into your projects and we feel that you should receive the same dedication from us while maintaining the original intentions of your writing. We provide consulting and a revision check with each project.


We have set prices corresponding to the type of project you need us to look at. If at anytime you feel that your project does not reflect one of the ones listed on the website, please do not hesitate to contact us. The more we understand what your project is about and how you need us to help, the more we can customize our services and prices to fit your needs.


Our team consists of two Americans with international experience that are currently residing in Taipei, Taiwan. You will notice that our prices are set in both US $ and NT $.